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Critical performance. The flush fitting concealed door set protects the building from shaft based fires that can spread a fire to every floor of the building. Simplis undertake testing for both the timber and steel solutions.

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The Christo Steel Riser Door. Critical performance. This flush fitting concealed door set protects the building from a shaft based fire that can carry a fire to every level of a building.

Every other fire door in the building protects a compartment. The Shaftwall fire door protects the entire building. With many shaftwall fire door solutions opting for a narrow door profile the Christo Steel Riser Door Range is a full 100mm deep steel reinforced insulated core designed for maximum safety.

The Grenfell disaster sadly demonstrated how a fire can spread quickly via building voids that transverse multiple floors. The Christo Steel Riser/Shaftwall solution is thoroughly tested to protect the riser shaft and contain the fire. This stops the fire from utilising the riser shaft to spread the fire throughout the building.

Christo Riser Door solutions are bespoke manufactured to your project specifications allowing you to choose from a wide range of available options. All Simplis Christo Riser Door solutions are fire tested to BS476:22.


The Christo Timber Riser Door is the result of years of development. Concealed flush fitting framed sets are available up to 60 minutes fire resistance with standard doors sets up to 120 minutes. For the fully concealed riser over 60 minutes we recommend the steel version which is tested to 120 minutes.


We understand specifiers require confidence in a manufacturer’s declaration, hence why we offer a range of products certified within the Exova BM Trada Q-Mark scheme for Fire Doors.

As part of the Q Mark fire door manufacture scheme the C W Fields project management and factory production control is audited annually.

Paired with UKAS accredited repeated fire test audits every three years you can take confidence in the continual compliance and performance of our doors.

ISO 9001

C W Fields ISO 9001 Quality Management System was established in 2002, and C W Fields have embraced the objectives as a core driver to continually improve year on year thereafter.

Designed to ensure that the requirements and expectations of customers are met or exceeded and products and services are continuously monitored, measured and improved.

From scheduling and project management, through to final inspection, strict quality controls are in cemented into C W Fields everyday processes.

For more information on any of our products and how to specify or purchase them please contact us with your details.