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Telescopic Underfloor Vent – A1 Certified Non Combustible Teleperiscopic TM Metal Ventilation Kits

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A1 NonCombustable Teleperiscopic™ Metal ducting kits to vent underfloor voids in suspended ground floors. Connected to the buildings rectangular HVAC and extract ducting or for passive below ground ventilation preventing build up of gases/odour in hard to reach voids. In multi-storey developments the Teleperiscopic™ vent reaches over external features to maintain void ventilation. 

Available in single and double air brick versions to fit within a minimum 50mm cavity for walls up to 450mm.  Vertically telescopic to accommodate brick height options of 3-4 bricks, 4-7 bricks and 7-10 bricks.  The TeleperiscopicTM is manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanised or zinc coated steel painted with a non-organic fused oven baked finish in the recognised Simplis Red. 

Performance rated to A1 Non-Combustibility BS EN 13501-1:2009 suitable for ‘relevant buildings’ meeting Building Regulation 7(2) for external walls within buildings over 18m heigh & 11m in Scotland. High airflow design meeting Building Regulation Part F with 90% free duct area. 

Compatible with A1 Non-Combustible Cavity trays available with integrated stop ends and A1 Non-Combustible Stainless steel Air Bricks and Vermin Grills to complete the installation. Bespoke ducting and HVAC outlet sizes available on request. 

Products frequently bought with the TelesperiscopicTM vent to create complete solutions can be chosen from the options below.     

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Product Information

Telescopic Underfloor Vent / Teleperiscopic Kit for room ventilation or attached to rectangular HVAC Pvc extract ducting
• Manufactured from: Corrosion resistant 1mm Galvanised or Zinc coated steel sheet
• Finish: Non–organic heat fused oven baked finish
• Colour: Simplis Redline Red
• Vertically telescopic to accommodate 3-4 brick height 210mm – 300mm
• High airflow design meeting Building Regulation Part F with 90% free duct area.
(Circular HVAC requires a fitting converter before the wall construction)
• Single & Double air brick
Height + Adjustments
3-4 bricks = 210mm – 300mm
5-7 bricks = 300mm – 525mm
8-10 bricks = 450mm – 750mm
Bespoke sizes on request
• Air brick supplied separately


Teleperiscopic Metal Room Vent 210×300 – Data Sheet (375kb)

Teleperiscopic Metal Room Vent 300×525 – Data Sheet (363kb)

Teleperiscopic Metal Room Vent 450×750 – Data Sheet (337kb)

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