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Evokit Double

£408.00 Ex. VAT

Live your Space

The Evokit works with most door sizes and can be finished with our architrave kit or we recommend matching the architrave to your other doors and skirtings.

To Order
First, choose your size based on the door you are going to use.

(Overall structural openings sizes required to fit the kit can be found in our Technical Section).

Secondly, choose your Options and click ‘Add to Basket’.

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Ermetika Pocket door kits are a great choice for saving space and creating designer door openings. When space is limited, pocket-sliding door systems are the perfect way to save space in confined areas – or as a room divider. Pocket doors increase the efficiency of your space by an average of 8%, they fit perfectly with all kinds of furnishing style, are reliable and safe.

Easy to assemble solutions that form an integral part of the wall structure. The Evo Kit allows for a visible architrave to be fitted to match existing architrave and skirtings.  Coming flat pack or fully assembled on request, they fit any wall except load-bearing walls or walls already concealing services. Ermetika’s Evokit utilises a pocket system that allows a door to slide into and out of a wall cavity. When fitted, the result is a virtually hidden door when fully opened. The track is concealed within the system framework, hiding unnecessary details from view and producing a satisfyingly simple aesthetic.

What is a Jamb Kit?

A Jamb kit is a timber lining kit that attaches to the pocket door framework and covers the edges of the door when closed, concealing the view of the top of the door and into the pocket itself. Giving your pocket door a neat & professional finish.

What does the Jamb Kit contain?

The jamb kit is made up of:

  • Top horizontal header pieces, supplied as one length, to be cut into two as required.
  • 2x pocket entrance verticals (one for each side of the pocket entrance).
  • 1x recessed doorpost – supplied only for the single pocket door system
  • Plus brushes and rubber bumpers (pull apart to create two strips of bumpers)
In addition to the Evokit you require the following:
  • Door Panel – 44mm max thickness
  • Fitting Tools – Cordless Drill, Spirit Level, Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Stanley Knife.
  • Door Lock 
  • Door Handles/Pulls


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